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Our price tables are a fundamental part to show your services, prices and general offers.


Things as they are, prices as they should be

Rate conditions

In the predefined rates you should know that
Calls are limited to 3,000 minutes and 120 different destinations.
Reasonable use of rates is assumed.
Once the data has been  exceeded , once the bonus data has been consumed, the speed drops to 32Kbps.

After the minutes, the following additional concepts will be charged:
Call establishment at € 0.1815.
Price per additional minute € 0.036 / min.

In the rates without minutes you should know that:
The call set-up is € 0.1815.
The first five minutes are free, as of minute 6 the price per minute is € 0.036 / min.
Once the data is over, the data connection will be cut.

The cost of SMS and MMS is:
9.68 cent / SMS to national destinations.
30.25 cent / SMS to international destinations.
40.40 cent / MMS regardless of data volume.

You should also know that:
All prices include VAT.
No rate has a commitment to stay.
International calls will be charged at a special price. Check rates.
Calls to special rate numbers, 90X, etc. are not included.


Mobile telephony at a good price with national coverage

Rate conditions

Basic fee € 1.50 / month.

Additional consumptions:

6 cent € / min
€ 18 cent of establishment
€ 15 cent / SMS
44 cents € / international SMS

– Additional bonuses at this rate are AUTORRENEWABLE monthly and prorated according to activation date.
– Exceeded the MB / GB of the contracted bonus, you can continue browsing without cuts 1 GB more at 16kbps.

If you want to continue browsing at maximum speed, you can hire a Wildcard bonus.

Megas bonus

– € 0.006 / MB (maximum 75GB / month)

All our prices include VAT.

Technical support

(+34) 956 03 1234

Personalized support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are here to help you at any time.

We are at the last

WiMAX & Fiber Optic

We use cutting-edge technology to provide the most professional and advanced service in the province of Cádiz.

Contact us now!

(+34) 956 03 1234 / info@sky-internet.es

Contact us now!

Contact us now!

(+34) 956 03 1234 / info@sky-internet.es

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