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In this section we leave you the most frequent questions that our clients have with the answers that will help you understand how we work

Fiber Optic

If you see a RED LED on LOS on the router:

FAILURE: The fiber optic signal does not reach the router

SOLUTION: check fiber optic cables from the wall socket to the router (the yellow patch cord), check if it is properly connected to the router.

If the red light still does not go off, you should contact our office.

If all lights are green, but the PON LED is flashing green.

FAILURE: The router has been reset with the RESET button, it should never be touched.

SOLUTION: Remotely from our offices we must reconfigure it, contact our office.

For Huawei routers model EG8145V5:

You should check the router access data at the bottom of the router.

By default it is usually:


Access IP:

Account: telecomadmin

Password: admintelecom


Access IP:

Account: root

Password: adminHW


Access IP:

Account: Epuser

Password: userEp

Once inside the router you can navigate to the home page and change the password.

FAILURE: the contracted speed does not arrive


  • The tests should always be done near the Wi-Fi router with no obstacles between the router and the device.
  • To receive a higher speed capacity, you must always connect to the 5Ghz network that can give speeds higher than the 2.4Ghz frequency.
    • 2.4Ghz maximum speed 50-80 Mbps
    • 5Ghz maximum speed 300+ Mbps (depends a lot on the client device)
  • Try another device
    • Many mobile devices are not capable of high speeds, and even some computers are not capable.

Even so, several devices at the same time can navigate at their 100% capacity without saturating the fiber optic line.

Let’s imagine that you have contracted 300 megabits, and your devices only reach 100 megabits, so with 3 devices you can navigate at 100% of the line without saturating the optical fiber.

  • Try another speed test page
  • Realize the test via Cable instead of WIFI
    • The cable must be able to give speeds higher than 100 megabits.

It would have to be category 5e or higher such as category 6, this information is usually written on the cable.

  • The client device should also have a Gigabit RJ45 interface.
  • Close all the applications on the device and restart the device and also restart the wifi router.
  • CO-FI delivers with the basic fiber optic installation a single Wi-Fi router with a limited coverage sufficient to cover a floor of a normal-size home

All obstacles in a house, walls, walls, furniture, etc … between the router and the client device, will limit the coverage and speed.

  • If you want more coverage around the house, you must buy equipment to distribute the signal around the house
    • The service guarantee ends at the main router installed by CO-FI.


  • For mobiles with Movistar coverage, download the application: Smart Movil
  • For mobiles with Vodafone coverage, download the MIO app

When you have recently contracted your line and it is the first time you use the line

You should configure the APN (Access point name) in some mobiles this goes automatically, in other mobiles it does not.

Before going on vacation call our office to activate ROAMING

Sometimes you need to configure the APN again when you reach your destination.

If you travel in Europe, the rates for calls will be the same as in Spain, you can call Spanish numbers while in any country in Europe and you will not be charged any extra, CAREFULL calling any foreign number will be charged the same as in Spain.

Mobile data is usually reduced and usually detailed arrive in an SMS when you reach your destination.

You can call our office and we will give the number to you.

You can also call the virtual operator,

For Movistar coverage: call 911 090 090 or 222

For Vodafone coverage: call 1777

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